Bees Make Honey was born in the service industry…  The place where all the arts & media grads & uncertain souls tend to wash up, disillusioned with the creative industries which seem to have been designed for somebody other than them.  A somebody with influential contacts, who enjoys ‘networking’ rather than just plain old ‘making friends’.  A somebody who is willing to become a comodity.  A pawn in the system.  Turning tricks to make a quid or two, while some fat cat further up the food chain makes oodles more off the back of this somebody’s skills, ideas, craft, nous…  If the somebody is dead lucky, maybe someday they’ll get to be that fat cat.  That’s if they’re willing to compromise all those silly values & morals, swallowing gulp after gulp of excrement like the human centipede.

Meanwhile hundreds of brilliant little brains are employed in day or night jobs, pulling pints, making sandwichs, smiling ever more radiantly as they ask if sir or madam has a loyalty card.  And then they crawl back to some little den of doubts & genius.  They make music, they juxtapose, they write, they paint, they craft, they edit.  Maybe they show it to their friends.  Maybe it goes on the internet.  Maybe some fat cat rips off their idea without them knowing.  On bad days they go home and waste away in boredom, because whats the f**king point?

But what if you could pool some of that creative talent?  What if people were willing to be a bit more generous with the tough lessons they’ve learned in the creative industry?  What if you were willing to point someone else in the right direction?  Bees Make Honey hopes to start such a thing.  To feature guest blogs from all aspects of the creative industries – Art, Craft, Music, Film, Media, Literature, Theatre, Dance and every little foot print in between.  To encourage all the little bees to realise the potential for sharing the honey, for being a community, rather then competitors.  To set up their own business ventures – publish their own books, set up their own label, put on their own show.  And know exactly how to access the niche market for their work.

If you are interested in sharing your experiences or recommending a website or two please email

This will hopefully work as a gradually expanding blog, with specialist sections for different areas, and local + international contexts.  Bees Make Honey is based in the East Midlands & Yorkshire (U.K), but we see no reason why we should see a limit on the horizon.  Remember, if bees stop making honey, the whole world is doomed!

Over & Owt


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