Bees Make Honey Manifesto

Manifesto for Bees Make Honey CC

Please note much of the advice and info on this blog will be relevant to the global community, but for simplicity we must have a local view.  If you would like to set up a Bees Make Honey style blog for your area, let me know and I will give you all the help I can.

  • We are anti-elitist and anti-corporate, we believe in supporting independent, small-time creative businesses and people.
  • We are not London-centric; we believe folk should be able to make a living off their creative juices, without having to move to the capital.
  • We believe in cross-pollination between different creative aspects (film, art, media, craft), we shouldn’t have to pigeonhole ourselves.
  • We believe in harnessing the potential of digital media (whether it’s music, video, eBooks or blogging), to bring more control back to the individual.  However we are also quite fond of vinyl, analogue and dusty old books, and feel the internet is as much about finding a niche market for your wares.
  • We are not here to showcase creative work, but we will point you to places where you can do this.  We will, however, profile our contributors in return for their generosity in making the beehive work.
  • The web is a maze of time-wasting words, and people trying to make money off you.  We hope to minimise a large chunk of this waste, and point out where treasure may be found.
  • We are primarily an information-sharing website, hoping to connect like-minded individuals for creative projects, and share access to opportunities.
  • We are an ideas co-operative…  This means mutual assistance in working towards a common goal. We are not a financial co-operative (in the legal sense), but we are run collectively & are non-profit. This means any income generated is reinvested in the local creative community.


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