Call For Submissions…Bees Make Honey Creative Co-operative

Not familiar with Bees Make Honey? Please check out our About page & Manifesto.

Bees Make Honey requires blogs for the following areas (but will consider any topic, feel free to email with any queries) –

Music, art, craft, film, literature, theatre, creative journalism, blogging, design.  We hope to express views from all the cogs in the great wheel…  individual artists, writers, curators, producers, publishers, editors, actors, directors and technical support.

A few suggestions on content…

  • What gems of worldly wisdom do you have for the grassroots, who wish to make a living in creative industries?
  • How do you feel about the present state of your industry and what do you hope will change?
  • How have you used the internet to your advantage?
  • What resources can you recommend to others, be they local or global?
  • What problems have you faced, and how did you overcome these?
  • Are you aware of any sources of financial support offered in your specialism?
  • What sort of educational courses do you recommend to someone without money to burn?

A few suggestions on style and practical issues…

  • Feel free to fill your blogs with personality and humour, vent frustrations, and purge yourself of demons!
  • Include an image or two, keep it short and snappy, and include links to other websites (if these are cluttering things up too much, list them all at the end).
  • If you don’t feel you are much of a wordsmith, we are happy to chew your fodder and regurgitate it as something pretty!
  • Please be open to editorial suggestions.
  • We suggest a guideline limit of around a 1000 words, but will consider any length if it is crucial to the nature of the piece!
  • Include a brief personal biog and links for your personal work

All enquires and submissions –

Attach submissions as a word doc or similar.

Over & owt…Fox


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