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The tail end is my personal indie-phile recommendations.

First up an essential side note.  Buy the Writers & Artist’s yearbook if you’re serious about getting published in whatever way.  It’s worth the 15 quid, don’t be put off by the fact that J.K Rowling et al endorse the thing.  All that boring stuff you can’t be bothered to research like copyright law, intellectual property rights, public lending rights…?  It is all there.

There is some dross (as there is on their blog), but inbetween it covers all the writing fields (incl self-publishing, blogging, telly & film, illustration).

If you are an artist however, it is more catered towards publishing areas, so maybe just get it out of the library and glean the bits you need.

General writer’s resources…

Writers & Artists’ Yearbook Website

Ask Oxford online dictionary

Bibliomania (includes Brewer’s Dictionary of Phrase & Fable)

British Library


Encyclopaedia Britannica (not all free)

Internet Public Library

WATCH – Writers, Artists and their Copyright Holders

Agent Research

Authonomy (authors’ network run by Harper Collins)


Goodreads & Library Thing are two of the most popular reader & author networks

Nibweb (for educational non-fiction)

SunOasis (international job opps)

You Write On (arts council sponsored)

Worthy of Publishing

Writers Net (international)



Apples and Snakes (for poetry)

For Journalism and Television Writing…

Response Source

Expert Sources

Freelancers in the UK

Hack Writers

BBC Writers Room

BBC Commissioning

…Our personal recommendations are catered towards the indie & self-publishing sector

Predators and Editors – Essential.  Avoid the vanity publishers/companies that want to rip you off, always look them up in this directory.

Publishing Basics A little US-centric, but some useful advice & resources

Self-Publishing Resources – this is mega ace, full of bits & bobs of great advice

if:book The future of the book – worth looking up on facebook and twitter also. Forward-thinking about books in the digital age.  Currently rebuilding their network. Having a profile on sites like these, with links to your blog can help with SEO.

The Literary Platform – again forward-thinking in the digital age, seems a little strung up on book apps to me though.

I Write Read Rate – a feedback forum for the budding writer, haven’t tried it yet, but looks promising.

Movellas is a similar forum.

Three Rabbits Publishing blog gives advice & info on the publishing industry from an indie perspective.

ePublish a Book There is some good content on this site if you look hard, but much of it is drivel/filler. I was also told they use ghostwriters (who are paid by SEO companies to promote certain sites), so not-very-impartial.

Smashwords – eBook publishing services. Their formatting style guide is very useful even if you don’t intend to use them. They act as a middleman distributor to the iBookstore and B&N as well.

Lightning Source – Services for printing both short runs & POD. Also distribute the latter to the big chain bookshops (if there is demand) as affiliated with Ingram. They have a US & a UK base. They do eBooks but not a particularly recommended channel.

Lulu – eBook,bulk print and POD publishing services.

Create Space – publishing services for music & film aswell, an Amazon company. Note if you publish here the publisher will be listed as ‘Create Space’ not you.

Great Reads in the UK – list books by indie authors based in the UK

The Wishing Shelf Independent Book Awards – A not-for-profit book prize, specialises in fiction for children & Y.A. Voted by reading groups.

Platforms for writing…

Flaneur Arts & Culture ezine

Moon Project (mainly for journalism)

The Word Factory (short story salons & more)

Local Stuff…

For the East Midlands, I can’t recommend Writing East Midlands (WEMWrite) enough.  Sign up to the newsletter to find out about all sorts of stuff going on from writing competitions, local groups & festivals, and courses.  A not-for-profit development agency set-up to create more equality in the industry.

I’ve looked up similar platforms for other areas, please comment if you have recommendations for areas I’ve missed.

Norwich Writers’ Centre

West Midlands

Lancashire & the North West





As always if you have any recommendations please comment below or email

Particularly for Northern Ireland I couldn’t find owt…?

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