Heed My Battle Cry – Chapter Three on Self-Publishing

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Heed My Battle Cry – Chapter Three on Self-Publishing

Today I will mostly be talking about myself in the third person. Care for a random selection from a bag of pic ‘n’ mix metaphors? Good.

It’s been a while since I updated, apologies. Silly season happened, where the devil did my life go? I will stop these false starts now. Not so much ‘intro’ as ‘procrastination’.

The more astute of you (I mean those with a silly eye for detail, I wouldn’t notice I’m too organically drawn), may’ve noticed it is now ‘chapters on Self-Publishing’. Purely for SEO not dramatic effect, but hells yes she is.

It seems only apt that if I’m the nose of this blog (fox nose sniffing out the turkeys vs prime cuts of venison), I should set a bold ginger example. I’m gonna self-publish ‘Dogtooth Chronicals’, and attempt to set up my own indie publisher – Bees Make Honey Publishing in fact.

I’m entering one of the biggest growth industries, hopefully before the bubble pops. I have foolish faith because my novel is unusual and my ideas are unusual. There are multitudes of genre writers successfully self-publishing, I think social media makes it easy for them to reach their niche market through forums for Fantasy, Romance, Crime etc. But I fear at some point this will reach saturation, as more and more work is published (get in fast if this is your spec).

The method for books that work well in a series, is to hook readers in and get them addicted to turning the ePages, and buying the follow-ups. I have a different animal though. A dog-toothed one, that chews up catagories and creates a saliva-drenched paper mache sculpture.

And in the long term plan, I don’t want to just publish my own writing, I want to be an indie publisher of remarkable object books. Vinyl is nowhere near obsolete, and I believe books will go the same way.

Based on a twitter recommendation from Ghostwoods, I now have an editor working their magic on Dogtooth Chronicals. Thankfully they seem to be enjoying the idiosyncrasies, and really seem to get where it is trying to go (from the bottom of a whisky jar out into the everloving, unforgiving wilderness).

So with my baby in safe hands, my current agenda simplified is as follows…

  • Blog you to tears (of joy hopefullys)
  • Business plan
  • Working out editing costs

The last is getting my goat all bleaty. As the previously mentioned Self Publishing site is extremely competitive on price. But it would leave my stacks of books sat near NYC, in need of a stalk to deliver them to my (UK-based) womb. Or some sort of traditional shipping method. Even with a decent bulk order (say 1K), Lulu seems far more expensive, meaning I would need to sell a standard paperback for over a tenner to make owt.

This is where eBooks get appealing, because there are no printing and shipping costs. But I’m so dedicated to real books, I want a combination. I began pondering yesterday on the train, whether I should produce a short run of bespoke, special edition hardback copies, in conjunction with eBooks. And then see how the cookie crumbles.

Any thoughts?

Over & owt

Vaguely humble Fox.

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