Self-promotion for the socially inept – Part 2 Social Media

Nolonger just the barren angsty terrain of tweens, teens, and those with arrested development (kidults like myself).  Social media forums are becoming pretty essential, as well as pretty addictive.  I won’t bother to reiterate about the Middle-East uprisings to justify them as serious, they’re still at least 20% sharing cute cat videos.

Hows ever.  They’re becoming vital to the self-promotor, so a few tips for novices (and those who’ve only utilised them so far for looking at cat videos and starting minor revolutions).

  • Be picky, you can only update so many pages on a regular basis, and you need to be regular to be effective.  The main four are probably – facebook, twitter, linkedin and Google +
  • Twitter, though in some respects the most irritating (at first glance, folk seem to be talking coded gobbledy-gook…which they are), is pretty essential.  Due to the retweet button and the fact more strangers interact on it, you can get your message to a wider audience.
  • Promoting your glittery talents has become quite exceptable on social networks (esp Twitter).  But don’t overegg the pudding.  Would you repeat the exact same conversation about your book/band/designs to a real person 12 times in one day…? (hopefully not)  …But don’t underegg it either, it’s okay to repeat yourself a little, because there’s so much else going on.
  • As with your blog, bring a little personality in.  Dilute the endless plugging with the odd anecdote, or tiny rant about your boss/Georgey-porgey-Osborne/Joseph Stalin (what a douche).  But take heed of the many mistakes made by famous powerful folk, don’t compromise yourself either.
  • Like blogs, it’s best to have a look around at how they’re used by other people, and have a think about what you do and don’t like.
  • Ok, initial Twitter gobbledy-gook explained… to add links you need to shorten them (you only have 140 characters, don’t be wasteful), use bitly.  To interact/mention someone use the @ symbol and their twitter name @beesmakehoneycc is us.  Hashtags are topics people can search/converse about, a common confusing one to novice twits is #ff which means friend-follow i.e recommending you to others.

It is also well-worth setting yourself up a profile on sites specific to your field e.g Stage32 is for film, television and theatre, Vimeo for quality video share (check out Cinovu too), Authonomy is a big one for authors.  And musicians must already absolutely know Bandcamp and Soundcloud right?

As always, if you have any recommendations, please share in the comments section below…  May the hashtags and #ffs be with you.

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