Film & Video Links

First off I’m gonna patronise the goo goo outtah you and teach you how to suck your thumb.

This is the internet movie database… IMDb

A resource for looking up info on films online including cast, crew & synopsis. I always assume everyone knows it already because my media tutor told me about it 11 odd years ago. But maybe they don’t. It’s a bit of a bible any time you want to look up the year something was made or work out the title of that film with that actor in featuring the ghost of Ed the Duck. (Sadly it is owned by Amazon & they will abuse this power to try to sell you films related to those you look up.)

Second up, a little more indie-centric is Indie Wire

Useful for filmmakers and cinephiles delivering industry news and analysis. I don’t tend to browse it as a site, but find following them on social media sites means I spot when stuff of interest pops up.

Independent Cinema Office is great, esp. their FAQs page on film distribution, procuring film licences for pop-up cinema & so on.

If you’re looking for a splash of film-industry-based social networking (or the more worthwhile enterprise of making friends with like-minded chaps & chapettes), try out Stage 32.

In terms of sharing or searching quality film and video, another dummy you must have in your mouth is Vimeo.

I also just discovered Devour, a curated sharing site which you can submit your gems to. I’ve not had much time to peruse it yet, because I suspect it’s one of those sites that sucks you into an alternate, brilliant universe and before you know it you’ve forgotten to sleep, work or fornicate because you were too distracted.

No Film School is a resource site for DIY filmmakers & independent creatives. They have a free ebook/PDF available called The DSLR Cinematography Guide.

Shanks FX is a You Tube channel run by filmmaker Joey Shanks in which he shares ideas for creating special effects on the cheap.

The Black and Blue – Tips for camera assistants
BBC The Network Filmmaking Guide
Film School Rejects

In terms of funding & support the British Film Institute is the place for most film-related projects, the Arts Council fund/support moving image in certain non-commercial contexts. More info here.

Creative England serves film, TV, games & digital media.

Regional bodies that support film/moving image include – EM Media (East Midlands), Northern Media (based in the North East), Screen South (South East), Screen Yorkshire (Yorkshire & Humber).

Other options include crowdfunding sites such as Indiegogo, Kickstarter, Crowdfunder & WeFund.

As always, please let us know if any of our links are dead/cybersquatted & feel free to add your own recommendations in the comments or email

Tune in, drop out, stay cine.

Over & owt.

One thought on “Film & Video Links

  1. For all the info you could possibly desire on DSLR filmmaking, Philip Bloom is very good. He has tutorials and equipment reviews galore!
    For a whole bunch of free stock footage, including explosions, blood and fire
    For Royalty free classical music you can browse by composer and find royalty free performances.
    Moby is giving away some of his music under the creative commons licencing act so you can request it for use in non profit productions

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