The Final Flurry – Chapter Ten on Self-Publishing

The Final Flurry – Chapter Ten on Self-Publishing

Make Books

I’ve been meaning to write this for a while. Ever since I ran through the last edit of Dogtooth Chronicals. But it’s problematic to discuss the current madness, because I’ve so many things to think about that I struggle to write anything comprehensive. I’ve a detailed to-do list with extra marks next to the most important things. Which is virtually everything.

But there are things I must share. I’ve bought my ISBNs from Nielsen (the UK agency, and if you don’t know what an ISBN is their website explains). They are prompt and very helpful to deal with, when you receive your numbers you get a load of info as well, stuff I had researched, but a good time to have it reiterated. In applying for my ISBNs I hadn’t realised how much detail I already needed to know about my book. Stuff like my recommended retail price for both paperback and eBook (though you can alter this later thankfully), whether I had a distributor or was taking care of that myself, the inclusion of example title and title verso pages (with all the copyright info).

This is partly because Nielsen act as a giant catalogue of published material, which libraries and bookshops rely on for accurate information.

My frantic need for progress has stemmed from doing what you’re not meant to do. I’ve set a date for my book launch (26th October 2012 baby) before I’ve had any books printed. If you are self-publishing don’t do this!

I have my reasons though. My launch party is a sort of Bees Make Honey multi-creative launch too, with live music & film, so I needed to book the space and the bands. Also my sister lives very far away and she was planning to visit in October…

Now I have an ISBN, I can go through the application process for Lightning Source to print my book. I realised as I began these forms, I should have a business account set-up. So, more forms for that and I need that confirmed before I can continue. All in all I must have written down my name, address, phone number and email so many times in the past week that I’ve started to doubt any of them are real.

Through their website and application process Lightning Source do give lots of detailed information out for the novice. It seems relatively idiot-proof, though you do need a degree of understanding in creating the right type of PDF, and so on. I’m lucky to have some ears and eyes around to help me out with this. Though I’ve found through much of the general process of ‘becoming self-employed’ I constantly feel like I need to phone somebody/anybody to double-check I’m doing the right thing. But I have to rationalise, prioritise and learn to problem-solve on my own two feet. I am my own boss, the buck stops with me. I must resist the urge to phone my mum.

The fact is, I will make mistakes, I need to make mistakes. And next time I’ll be a little wiser. It’s all so exciting and alien and grown-up.

Anyway. My eyes are blurring. I’ve mind-dumped my issues. Apologies if it makes little sense. If my brain was still alert I’d be writing my name and address on something…

Over & owt

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