How I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb – Chapter Thirteen on Self-Publishing


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How I learned to stop worrying & love the bomb – Chapter Thirteen on Self-Publishing

Oh, the (more-correct-than-Alanis-Morrisette) irony. Due to the business programme I’m doing in order to make a success of my publishing ventures, I’m behind on the promotional racket. As my mentor so cleverly articulated “What you really need to do is sell more books.” Thanks dude, I totally hadn’t thought of that. Sarcasm aside, having a business mentor has been great because I’m a bit of a hippy “I just wanna help creative people be creative!” (said in a Zoolander voice). Whereas he’s about the bottom line, “You’re not a charity Kirsty, you need money to live on.”

Anyway. I’m nearly done with my crash course in having a clue about enterprise. Big presentation next week. After that I will be hanging off the throat of the internet like a stubborn-toothed pitbull. Seriously, you’ll be sick of me. Advance apologies. The trouble with promotion is you have to remind people a few to a few hundred times “Buy my book, it’s good.” Before they actually do it. Also the more prolific you are on the blogs & twitter the more new followers you seem to come by. I will still always do my best not to commit the crime of absolute overkill. I don’t deal with that auto-tweet stuff, it’s just annoying.

So, useful info for indie-pubbers? You can live your life online, but real fleshy people can be amazingly helpful too. Don’t forget the humanoids with real faces & feelings. I’ve sold more books so far to them. They’ve helped me through the tough times (it’s pretty basic, one of my bosses once realised *thought bubble* If I give Kirsty rum & ginger she’s less grumpy with the customers.) They’ve also helped me meet lots of other lovely people. It’s like being cuddled by rainbows.

Don’t forget a stigma remains with self-publishing. There are several book awards I wanted to submit Dogtooth Chronicals for which don’t accept self-pubbed books. And don’t forget the rip-offs waiting to catch you out, there are many special ‘indie-book awards’ out there, but you have to pay a fair whack to enter many ($60-$160). Will it really be worth it? Will you earn that money back? I found a UK one which just covers costs (£28), The Wishing Shelf Book Awards. They specialise in children’s books and YA stuff, your work will be read by schools and reading groups, who actually judge the prize. This in itself is nice to know. They have an adult fiction section also, it’s still a small thing, but likely to grow. Also the Commonwealth Book Prize are taking entries until 18th December & they accept self-published work.

I’ve also been buzzing on twitsville about Great Reads in the UK. It lists ebook available, mostly by indie-pubbers in, um, the UK. (Sadly it doesn’t feature Tony the Tiger, but you can’t have everything.) They state they will list pretty much anything they’re asked too, though this takes some time. It’s nice to see an ebook site not full to the bra-brim with uber-buff-scantily-clad-airbrushed men & women. Some of us just really like to write about other stuff. Like socks.

Please note, my book is not about socks. Wait. Maybe just one chapter.

I’m gonna put a plug in this ramble now & return to making my powerpoint presentation so pretty their eyes will fall out.

Over & owt

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