Stories in Sandstone Book Launch

Notts Writing Group have produced their first short story collection Stories in Sandstone – A Nottingham Anthology. As I co-edited the book & have two of my own Nottingham-based creations featured, the BMH gang turned out for the launch. Here’s a selection of photographs from the evening, taken by Samantha Gallagher Photography. The profits raised from sales will be donated to Nottingham Women’s Centre. Many thanks to Celandor for a fine-looking book, and local poets Miggy Angel, Georgia Brown, Rachel Burnett & John Marriot who did spots for us on the launch night at Hotel Deux.

IMG_0005-1 IMG_9818-2 IMG_9823 IMG_9826 IMG_9827 IMG_9858 IMG_9867 IMG_9869-1 IMG_9834 IMG_9878-1 IMG_9888-3 IMG_9901-1 IMG_9838 IMG_9906 IMG_9915 IMG_9917 IMG_9927 IMG_9952 IMG_9957-2 IMG_9970 IMG_9975

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