The Future of DIY – Independent Music Panel Discussion

Big thanks to the students who helped with this video. You’re alright, you are.

A Bees Make Honey Creative Community production.
As part of Memories of the Future analogue meets digital festival we organised a panel discussion with some characters from Nottingham’s DIY music scene. The discussion is based around the themes of Memories of the Future, the evolution of formats (vinyl, digital and beyond), and relevant powershifts within the industry.
Host – Dan Layton
Dan is Bees Make Honey’s resident graphic designer and music geek. He formerly played in Souvaris (Gringo Records) and currently plays with LVIV (Low Point Records) and Apalusa (also Low Point).
Panelists – Ste Allan, Joey Bell, Nick Lawford and Mark Spivey.
Ste formerly ran Dealmaker Records and has co-organised and programmed many big events such as World Event Young Artists (WEYA 2012) and Drop in the Ocean, as well as being involved in the founding of Nottingham Independent Creative Community. He is currently concentrating on pet sandwich project Gangsta Wraps.
Joey Bell is the frontman of White Finger, as well as running one of the best record stores in the country The Music Exchange which supports Framework Housing Association.
Nick Lawford is the co-founder of local label Hello Thor, who release multi-media oddities as well as supporting local bands, such as Fists, Cantaloupe and We Show Up On Radar.
Mark Spivey is a flippin legend who has done a bit of everything and is happy to share his wisdoms.

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