The Dust on the Moth campaign launch party

A short video from our launch party featuring Graham Langley & Dan Layton, Grawl!x & The Cusp

Our campaign launch party at City Arts – Nottingham, was recorded by local artist Leonie McQuillan, who made this lovely video for us.

The launch party was part of Nottingham Creative Fringe. We exhibited photography & illustrations from the book, complimented by the work of artist Craig Symes. Dan Layton (Souvaris; Apalusa) and Graham Langley (Savoy Grand) played a special set which was a taster for The Dust on the Moth soundtrack and we also had live music from The Cusp and Grawl!x. It was real treat.

We also had a real ale bar from Black Iris Brewery and cafe with Beccy’s Global Kitchen.

Many thanks to the bands and artists, and extra thanks to Dan for doing the sound as well as playing and everything else he was doing that day. And thanks to Leonie for a great video.

View the K/S campaign here.

Kirsty, Darren, Phil & Dan


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