The DIY Toolkit

A couple of weeks ago, we curated the first (of what will hopefully be several) DIY Socials at Coben Place in Nottingham city centre. A chance for curious individuals to rub shoulders and wag chins with some of Nottingham’s veterans of our city’s burgeoning DIY scene. And in honour of this, we have compiled a zine – “The DIY Toolkit – a handy and succinct guide on how to do (almost) anything yourself”. Want to put on a gig, but don’t know how? This’ll tell you. Planning an outdoor market, but need advice on obtaining permits? Read on. Basically, it’s pretty much anything you could could possibly need to know in order to get you started in the world of DIY events, plus a little more!

Now, because we’re good sorts, we’ve uploaded the first page to wet yer wistle totally free of charge – a teaser, if you will. However, the rest, contained in a handmade physical form, will only set you back the paltry sum of £2. Bargain, yeah?

Copies can be acquired from Cavology in Cobden Chambers, The Music Exchange, or our online shop. It’s a pretty fab and alarmingly comprehensive little resource, made with a lot of care, by people who definitely know their chickens*.

Have a gander at the opening chunk below!


*apparently “know their chickens” is a thing. Personally, I’m not convinced, but Kirsty insists it is…

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