Dead Air Party at Bohunk Institute

dead air party

Tickets are now on sale for this event from Sound of Static’s online shop here. There’s a 6pm set and a 9pm set to choose from.

Dead Air Party is a unique live experience at the crossroads of an underground gig, participative performance and silent disco.

Musicians Andy Abbott and James Islip perform a set of high-octane instrumental noise-rock that can only be heard via special headphones supplied at the start of the event. The duo play in the middle of the room with the audience around them. Some of the audience have taken part in movement and dance workshops with artists Yvonne Carmichael and Bryony Pritchard prior to the event. You can join in, spectate and tune in and out as you feel.

‘The idea with the project is to rediscover that strange excitement of a small scale gig where there is something intangible joining everyone together. In the Dead Air Party the sound waves that connect people are transmitted directly to each individual which intensifies the experience and blurs the boundaries between the private and collective, absence and presence, and the simulated and the live.’

Bees Make Honey have collaborated with Sound of Static to bring this event to the Bohunk Institute in Nottingham. Tickets here.

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