June Newsletter 2016 including Pop Press, School of Print, Forever Records & EU Ref

Greetings folks, ducks & dandies,

Welcome to the latest newsletter, which I’ve decided may as well also get posted on the blog because good things deserve sharing. 
[Image courtesy of Pop Press]
June is shaping up to be a truly happening month. Saturday 25th June sees the launch of both The School of Print and Forever Records at Cobden Chambers. The School of Print is an open access space for Risograph and screen printing which was successfully funded through a Kickstarter earlier this year. There will be workshops going on throughout the day alongside a print and zine fair.
         Forever Records are also launching that day. A bit of a phoenix from the flames, Forever Records is the independent wailing baby of Joey Bell, the former manager of The Music Exchange, which closed earlier this year to many tears and much anguish from its loyal record-loving patrons. So if you’re looking to shop at a proper local record shop in the heart of the city, here it be! Alongside Plates, more on that shortly. Enrich your lives further by following Forever Recs social media channels – Instagram @foreverrecords, Twitter @records_forever, Facebook /recordsforever.
Speaking of new and fabulous shops, our favourite Letterpress revivalists Pop Press, have opened a shop and workspace on St James Street off Market Square. They sell a gorgeous range of hand printed goods, both by themselves and by other local artists such as Ding Ding, plus one of their letterpresses is set up in store so you can print a personalised notebook yourself any day of the week. Show them some proper Notts love by visiting and following their journey – Instagram @poppressuk, Twitter @poppressuk, Facebook /pop.press.uk.
        St James Street, where Pop Press is located, is shaping up to be something of a ‘creative corner’. Existing neighbours include one of the best, most unusual cafe bars (come music hall, come arts & heritage space)- The Malt Cross – and one of Nottingham’s best shops for independent local artists – Handmade Nottingham. This month also brought the brilliant news that independent record shop and dubplate cutting studio Plates have moved in also (underneath the Malt Cross). Formerly based in the Irish Centre (I-Club) near the station, this makes them a little more central and easy to find. Also just today heard a twitter rumour that DUKKI merch (currently in Broadmarsh) are moving to SJS in August.
Okay, I know you’re sick of hearing about it. I am. Everyone is shouting into echo chambers. Mud is being slung and arguments are being simplified into handy memes. So I’ll try to keep this short, sweet and to the point. The deciding factor will be whether or not young people bother to vote on the 23rd June. And I can’t help but say something because I think this may be the most important vote in our lifetime. Unlike general elections, your vote properly counts. It’s not warped by where you live and the first-past-the-post system. So, if you’re registered, please use it.
         I won’t tell you who to vote for, but I will state the following. Alongside lottery funds, the European Regional Development Fund is one of the main pots of money that funding comes from to support small business start-ups, social enterprise, and community infrastructure. I am doubtful that all the good stuff that has happened in Nottingham in the past four years would have happened in austerity Britain if we hadn’t been part of the EU. If you look into the Nottingham Growth Plan and Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs), they are related to government initiatives, but a lot of the actual money that funds them appears to come from EU sources. So I would ask the question, would the Nottingham Growth Plan (which has improved transport, infrastructure, green energy and fostered enterprise) have been effective without EU membership? I believe the answer is no.
         I know EU funding has its downsides and its red tape. The Sneinton Market redevelopment has struggled with regulations limiting the selling of goods there. But the regs are put in place to stop big business moving in on a space that was earmarked for studios and maker spaces. I honestly believe that the pros of EU membership vastly outway the cons and that there is plenty of red tape and bureaucracy within our own government to keep things overly complicated if we leave.
We’ve had a great response to some of our blogs in the past few weeks. Most talked about for all the right reasons is – An Open Letter to Self-employed People Who Work too Hard – which hit a few nerves and caused a few tears!
         On the celebratory side, we also posted a list of some of our favourites on the theme of Nottingham’s Lesser Known Music Venues.
That’s about all for June. Keep an eye on our social media channels (links at the bottom) for the usual recommendations for events around the East Mids and recommended blogs, funding opps and so on for the creative industries.
All the best,
Kirsty & the team

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