Deadline 25th January 2018

E – calligramsubmissions@gmail.com

Now then. We’ve had some absolute belters of submissions for Issue One of Calligram magazine, which makes us incredibly excited to announce a special open call just for illustrators, design nerds, and ink lovers. We’re collaborating with local print outfit Dizzy Ink to add a Risograph dimension to Issue One, and we want you to knock our socks off with your best stuff.

If you’re unfamiliar with Risograph, it’s bright warm inks couple with matt based paper for tactile, stunning results.

With this in mind, we’ve decided to work riso-printed inserts into Issue One of Calligram to give it an added sexiness. Woof.

Please find below Dizzy Ink’s three colour printing guide, have a look on their Instagram @dizzy.ink for up to date projects and check out their website www.dizzyink.co.uk for more print goodness.

Risograph How-To Guide: Dizzy Ink 3 colours Print Guide – Pink, Teal and Black

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to produce illustrations that fulfil the following criteria:

  • Up to 4 individual images
  • A5 in size (148×210 mm)
  • Using 3 colours; Pink, Teal & Black (all colours need to be converted to greyscale – see print guide PDF for instructions.)
  • See dizzyink.co.uk/printguide for how the colours will look in different gradients
  • Files submitted as PSD or Illustrator files
  • Each colour on its own layer within the file
  • Please also include a thumbnail sized colour jpeg of your image to help the submissions team visualise the final image
  • Submissions sent via https://wetransfer.com only please alongside the submission form (below) to calligramsubmissions@gmail.com by 25th January (midnight) at the latest.

You must be based in (or have a strong connection to) the East Midlands, UK, to submit work for Calligram. 

RISO OPEN CALL and Submission Form 

 Dizzy Ink 3 colours Print Guide – Pink, Teal and Black

Calligram Manifesto

All ages, all genders, all races, all cultures, all classes, all sexualities, all thinkers, all educations, all schools of life and art, all sarcasm, all irreverence, all doom, all joy, all realities, all fictions, all factions, all dystopias and utopias, all do-good liberal hippies, all doom-filled nihilists, all misunderstood misanthropes, all the best, all the brightest…

There’s greatness in all walks of art just begging to be unearthed. And that’s why we’re here.

We believe in originality, in fearless expression, in experimental dabblings, in humour in all its forms, in unique stories and unique perspectives, in being open to the wider pool of talent that exists untapped. We believe in giving great content room to breathe. No filler, no middle-of-the-road twaddle, no cynical self-interest, no shit design stifling great content.

Open Call for Submissions to Issue One of Calligram

A paper showcase for the East Midlands.

The open call for writing, photography and non-riso artwork closes on 20th December. 

More about Calligram magazine here.

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