Stall-holders for Nottingham Print and Publishing Fair 2018

We’ve written up some information about what you can expect from stallholders at our Print and Publishing Fair at the Malt Cross this Sunday. Take a look below to browse what each stall-holder has to offer, and follow the links to check out their websites.

Mantle Lane Press

Based in Leicestershire, this small press focuses on fiction, poetry, scripts and local history. In total they have published sixteen books, and each one is crafted with care and boast beautiful cover art. Their latest title, Kevin, King of Egypt, is only £7.99 and tells the story of an escaped psychiatric patient who believes himself to be the reincarnation of Ramses II. The book is a script a show where stand up poet and psychiatric nurse Rob Gee performs the work. It also includes a CD of the performance.

Noir Press

Noir Press is chiefly concerned with translating Lithuanian writings to English. Lithuanian is an archaic language, retaining many features of Proto-Indo-European languages, the mother amalgamation of language that English also eventually derived from. Although Lithuanian writing is thriving in modern times and is often translated into other European Languages, it is rarely translated into English. Noir Press hopes to open up this unknown world of literature to English speaking audiences. They have five titles out right now, all of them novels. You can find out more about Noir Press’ work on their website.

Eimear Scullin

Eimear is an Irish artist based in Nottingham after completing her art degree. She works full time but also produces creative output in the form of zines. For more information on Eimear’s work, visit her wordpress blog or come to browse her work at the fair!

Cleeve Press

Cleeve Press is a private letterpress utilizing vintage wood and metal type to create fantastic designs. Nicholas Birchall is a graduate of Loughborough College of Art & Design (LUSAD), and has years of experience as an illustrator and with letterpress. He creates his own humorous designs and prints them with two treadle platen presses & an 1863 Albion. In addition to making creative works, Cleeve Press also runs letterpress workshops.

Nancy Power Prints

Nancy Power is a linocut printmaker. From her website: ‘printmaker Nancy Power’s work reflects the life around her. Be it a changing rural landscape, the decaying plants in her garden, the geese on the lake, or her collection of hand crafted ceramics, she finds inspiration from many sources. Deliberately eclectic in subject matter, her work is harmonised by her colour palette and distinctive inking process. Nancy uses the reduction method of lino printmaking; carving away at just one block for each consecutive colour to reveal the final image. By inking from dark to light, as opposed to the more traditional light to dark, Nancy’s work has engaging depth and colour layering.’


KIKS/GFR is a multimedia record label that also produces prints and fine art. Their music is in the genre of drone and soundscape, and takes pleasure in the subversive and the experimental. They prioritize presenting their work beautifully, including provocative cover art and custom booklets. One of their most recent works, V/A includes an architectural CAD drawing, showing their eagerness to make varied media work for them.

Chav Solidarity

Chav Solidarity is a book by D. Hunter that offers up a collection of gritty and chilling experiences from the chav community in the UK. Tripod: Training for Creative Social Action says “it’s full of nuanced self-reflection and complexity that refuses to caricature. Hunter offers us a gift with this book: an essential opportunity to interrogate the ways in which class informs our identities, experiences, relationships and resistance.” The author is an aging chav who in his youth depended on sex work, robbing and dealing to sustain himself and is now a community organizer and mental health support worker.

Scurry and Peck

Scurry and Peck make beautiful and unique handcrafted journals and other stationary. Each product is quality assured and made with love from the mind of owner Stephanie Kitching. The artist sources all the materials by hand, such as prints and leather, that give the notebooks their distinct charm. She is also an expert in stitching and crafting of stationary, assuring that each book is a joy to look at as well as to use.

The Student Wordsmith

The Student Wordsmith is a writer’s community run by PhD gradate Sophie Louise Hyde. They offer advice, workshops and opportunities to writers at all stages of their career. The Student Wordsmith also produces a creative writing journal called The Purple Breakfast Club. This, as well as other publications they support, will be on display.

Beam Editions

Beam Editions is a contemporary press dedicated to the artful presentation of books. They view bookmaking as a holistic process, making sure to communicate something about the work within with their careful designs, crafted with sustainable products. They have a passion for graphic design and typography, making their books a joy to read. They focus on publishing niche art-genre books, and working closely with artists to portray their work according to their vision. Their works include books as diverse as John Newling’s typeface made from garden plants, to Jill Gibbons’ undercover sketches at arms trade expos.

Amy Blackwell

Amy Blackwell is a midlands-based artist delving into painting, printmaking, knitting and writing. She makes delightful smooth-lined illustrations that she sells as prints and cards. In addition, she also knits scarves and creates minimalist beads in bright colours. She has a small studio at Backlit gallery, and is inspired by clashing colours, the natural world, history, fashion and folklore.

David Severn

David Severn is a Nottingham photographer, and his work is characterized by muted palettes that give his subjects a washed out, melancholic atmosphere. Growing up in a former mining town, his work is associated with working class culture, and explores the relationship between people and landscape. Severn’s photographs have been exhibited nationally and internationally, and he will be selling some of his beautifully produced photo books and high quality prints.

Pressing Matters

Pressing Matters is an independent magazine concentrated around the art of printmaking. This art form continues to gain in popularity, and new innovative methods for creating prints are in the works all the time. The magazine is geared towards beginners as well as those further along in their appreciation of or career in printmaking. Made by printmakers, the magazine is carefully designed and aesthetically pleasing, and will be a delight for anyone interested in printmaking or art in general.

Mother’s Milk Books

Mother’s Milk Books is a family press focusing on books in the genre of family life and femininity. They normalize breastfeeding, celebrate women, and explore empathy in the context of human relationships. Their stock includes titles like Oy Yew, a haunting and whimsical novel about the terrible fictional world of underfed waifs, and Hearth, a collection of poems focusing on home, memory, and commonality.

Print and Ink

Owner of Print and Ink, Sarah Holden, is a Nottingham-based illustrator and printmaker. She is particularly interested in screen-printing, and held an artist in resident position on the art form at Birmingham City University. She is inspired by the natural form and animals. She is passionate about community art making projects, and sees art as a way to bring people together and make connections. She will be selling her print creations, including Christmas ornaments, pillows, and stationary, as well as some embroidery.

Le Bear

Le Bear is an artist drawing influence from world cultures and fashion, with close attention in their work to pattern and colour. They offer products such as intricate wall art, cards, and badges. They will be selling flat geometric greeting cards, as well as prints in bold colours.


Boshemia is a feminist zine founded by a trio of women. It focuses on art and culture as well as the empowering of women. They aim to create an inclusive community for sharing art, critiques and personal essays, and in the process amplify marginalized voices. The magazine is beautifully produced, with attention to typography, twice a year.

Andy Jadowski

Andy is a zinemaker focusing on chaos magic, a philosophy fore-fronting playfulness and creativity. His artwork might be characterized as neurotic, with hints of dark humour, often focusing on a pallete of white, black and red. His thin-lined illustrations are a delight to look at, and he will be selling zines and prints.

Laurie Hastings

Laurie Hastings is a professional illustrator and printmaker currently based in Nottingham. Her work focuses on a very light palette, sometimes sticking to pastels. With thin lines utilized to communicate delicate textures, you will find yourself lost in the harmony of her works. She will be selling prints of illustration, as well as screen prints, on paper, cards, and bags.

Red Plate Press

David Armes is the experimental artist behind Red Plate Press. His work focuses on the connection between print, language and geography. The liminal spaces that landscapes represent are interpreted using text, pattern, and block colours. He works mainly on a letterpress and has completed various residencies and received many grants and awards for his work.

The Letters Page

The Letters Page is a literary journal edited by Jon McGregor at the University of Nottingham. The journal only receives submissions in the form of handwritten letters, and is interested in the letter as an art form. In the past it has featured work from writers such as George Saunders, Kevin Barry, and Naomi Alderman, and accept submissions from writers at all stages in their career. Copies of The Letters Page, including handwriting excerpts, will be on display.

Amelia Diaz

Amelia Diaz is an artist and writer from the East Midlands. She has done various projects, including work exploring the male gender, creating wearable sculptures in the shape of armour and overlaying words onto the wearers via projector.


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