Feature in one of our Q&As or Guestblogs

Please note we do not accept content from SEO ghostwriters. If you are found to be creating content solely in order to link to other sites who are paying you, we will blacklist you for link farming. This site supports genuine bloggers & genuine recommendations… If you are genuine & genial keep reading.

Fancy featuring in one of our Q&As?

We interview creative start-up businesses, social enterprises and practitioners running DIY creative projects. We’d like you to fit the following criteria –

  • Be based in the UK or Ireland (preference is given to those based outside London, please note you don’t need to be British or Irish, just live here).
  • Be an independent small business or practitioner
  • Be happy to share advice and tips as well as promoting yourself

Email fox.beesmakehoney@gmail.com for more details, please include some links to your work.

Alternatively we accept guest blogs, particularly if you have a journalistic angle on the creative industries (socio-political, championing the rise of SMEs, equality issues etc.)

We welcome submissions provided they tick the following boxes…

  • They’re about creative stuff
  • They support independent culture
  • They share some insight with young upstarts & bantlings
  • They offer something pro-active to readers rather than boiling down to 90% self-advertising (though we’re always happy to link back to your work)

We are also fans of the following angles…

  • Harnessing the power of digital culture to beat the warps in the systems which deliver artist to audience.
  • Preserving proper good traditions and formats (real record stores and bookshops).
  • Creative Commons, Social Enterprise, Non-Profit Orgs & stuff of that ilk.
  • Having the guts & gob to get off your backside and do/make/organise things yourself.
  • Being willing to share the honey (advice, good web links, feedback). Nothing tastes worse than elitism.

Other tips…

  • Personality & humour help the medicine go down.
  • Include an image or two if you want, keep it short and snappy, include links to other websites.
  • Be open to editorial suggestions.
  • We suggest a guideline limit of around a 1000 words, but will consider any length if it’s crucial to the nature of the piece.
  • Include a brief personal biog and links for your personal work.
  • Attach submissions as a word doc or PDF.

All enquires and submissions – fox.beesmakehoney@gmail.com

Time to put the kettle on & crank up the typewriter?

Over & owt

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