Open call FINAL-02

Please download and fill in the online form below and return this, alongside your submission, to by 20th December 2017. If you have trouble downloading or filling in the submission form please request a word doc version.

PDF form for download: submission form Calligram

Magazines that influence and inspire us in terms of look, style, and content:

  • All the zines
  • The Normal School (literature and journalism, US)
  • Now Then Magazine (culture magazine, Sheffield/Manchester)
  • Little White Lies (film magazine)
  • Gutter (Scottish literary journal)
  • The Alarmist (literary journal)
  • Chunklet (humour and music magazine)
  • Big Brother (skateboarding magazine)
  • Ray Gun (music magazine)
  • Private Eye (political journal)
  • Lump (possibly one-off Notts art and literature magazine)
  • The Onion (satirical news magazine)
  • Blah Blah Blah (culture and lifestyle magazine)
  • The Reprobate (locally produced magazine of ‘degenerate art, social contrariness, and outsider thought’)
  • Viz (satirical comic)
  • Raw (comics anthology)
  • Mad (humour magazine)

If the above jpeg is not readable on your device, the information is copied below.

Editorial Team:

Kirsty Fox (fiction)

Jim Alexander (copy editing and proofreading)

Sophie Louise-Hyde (poetry)

Philip Formby (photography and non-fiction)

Dan Layton (art, design and illustration)

Leonie McQuillan and Holly James (assistant arts editors)

Calligram Manifesto

All ages, all genders, all races, all cultures, all classes, all sexualities, all thinkers, all educations, all schools of life and art, all sarcasm, all irreverence, all doom, all joy, all realities, all fictions, all factions, all dystopias and utopias, all do-good liberal hippies, all doom-filled nihilists, all misunderstood misanthropes, all the best, all the brightest…

There’s greatness in all walks of art just begging to be unearthed. And that’s why we’re here.

We believe in originality, in fearless expression, in experimental dabblings, in humour in all its forms, in unique stories and unique perspectives, in being open to the wider pool of talent that exists untapped. We believe in giving great content room to breathe. No filler, no middle-of-the-road twaddle, no cynical self-interest, no shit design stifling great content.

Open Call for Submissions to Issue One of Calligram

A paper showcase for the East Midlands.

We’re looking for the following (no themes, just beauty, brilliance, and passion):

Short stories and flash fiction (100–2000 words)

Graphic fiction/comic strips (up to 4 pages)

Poetry and prose poetry (1–800 words)

Slow journalism and think pieces (100–2000 words)

Gonzo journalism/metafiction (100–2000 words)

DIY culture pieces (written or image based)

Photography (up to 4 pages)

Print and calligraphy (up to 4 pages)

Contemporary art (up to 4 pages)

Graphic design and illustration (up to 4 pages)

You must be based in the East Midlands (UK) to submit work or have strong links here (you don’t have to be a British national though).

To submit your work, please fill out the online form above.

Large images should be sent via WeTransfer (not Dropbox please)

Forms should be emailed to