Our Publishing Projects

As well as all the other guff and gubbins we get up to, we are also a micro-publisher. We are a very small DIY publishing house modelled on independent music labels. We want you to trust that our output will always be edgy, thought-provoking, cross-genre… exploding literary bombs inside the pigeonholes we’re asked to inhabit.

Our next publishing project will be Calligram (more here), an arts, culture and literature magazine for the East Midlands.

Our first book Dogtooth Chronicals (sic) by Kirsty Fox was released in late 2012. Our most recent publishing project is a collaborative multi media illustrated novel called The Dust on the Moth with writer Darren Simpson which we crowdfunded into existence via Kickstarter. You can watch the video for this at the bottom.


You can buy Dogtooth Chronicals in paperback directly from us here on the button below. It’s £7.50 including postage (UK only). Or you can get your mitts on the ebook through Smashwords here.

Buy Now Button


The Dust on the Moth is available in real life limited edition hardback form only. You can purchase it through the button below for £9.50 including postage (UK only).

Buy Now Button

We also publish zines for getting started in the creative industries such as The DIY Toolkit. These are available for sale at events.

We’re not currently accepting submissions for future publishing projects (besides Calligram), sign up to our mailing list at the bottom for the latest news. For a list of other independent publishers read our post How Not to Approach an Independent Publisher (to also avoid some common rookie mistakes).

In the meantime, enjoy the blog & remember the mantra – If bees stop making honey, the whole world is doomed.

For further information or queries contact Kirsty at fox.beesmakehoney@gmail.com

More about the misspelled misdemeanour that is Dogtooth Chronicals here.

More about The Dust on the Moth here.

If you’d like to stay up to date on these & other projects, please sign up to our newsletter using the contact form below. We will not share your details with third parties.

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